'Glenn Thompson was born in May of 1961 and was raised in Aiken, S.C. He has an older brother Stewart and a younger sister Julia. Glenn's father J. Willard Thompson was a steeplechase jockey turned trainer and has held numerous training titles in New Jersey. Glenn's Mother, Dorothy M. Thompson also loved horses and over the years had many talented show horses as well as some nice race horses. His stepmother Carol Hoffman Thompson was on the Olympic team in 1968 with the jumpers.

Glenn attended the Aiken Preparatory School and was fortunate to be there when a team of outstanding faculty was at the helm. Mr. Harold A. Fletcher, Mr. Robert J. Harrington, Mr. Richard Hendry and Mr. Scott Lacher all had a strong influence on his life and values. After escaping school Glenn went into his life long dream and started training racehorses.

He has been training for over thirty years and has trained up and down the east coast. Glenn is blessed with good horses, good friends, great clients and good times. { Not sure about the friends anymore}. He is married to his beautiful wife Lisa, who rides and trains dressage horses and they brought Makenzie Thompson into this world. She is the apple of Glenn's eye and 15 months old. He also has a son who loves horses, J Parker Thompson, who is 28 and from a previous wife who we now refer to as Ruthless. Glenn loves training horses and remembers that team of faculty telling him he had a gift for writing 35 years ago. We are now going to find out if they knew what they were talking about.

Glenn on a horse racing panel