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This Book Will Shock and Amaze You !
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All Star Press: " This is a tough story to swallow for those of us who love the game of Thoroughbred racing. Glenn Thompson is a long time successful trainer who tells it like it is."

Cot Campbell, President of Dogwood Stable: " I applaud his efforts on behalf of cleaning up the sport."

William Finley, " In an industry where speak-no-evil has always ruled, Thompson should be admired for taking a stand. If you too are concerned about the sport's well being and lack of integrity, this is a book you should read."

Jojo Zulmwalt, Horse Trainer: " This is an eye-opening book into the dark side of racing. I found this book to be descriptive,informative,deeply moving and emotionally shocking"

Glenn Thompson Speaks Before Congress





Jay Cronley, ESPN columnist and handicapper:

" Listen, I loved Glenn's book, very emotional and heart-felt, great job."


Gretchen Jackson, Owner of the great Barbaro:

" Thank God for your huge effort in writing the book and to be willing to go to bat for what is right and good for the horse."